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Hi! I'm Gabrielle and I am a...


We always do this don't we?! Start off by introducing ourselves with our job title and qualifications like a badge when, in reality, we are SO much more than that.  So who am I really? Let me tell you a bit about me:


As a child, I was involved in everything: drama, debate club, played tennis to a county-level. I got good grades, loved the variety and enjoyed pushing myself to achieve things (and to be really honest, winning things!). This habit continued all through school, university and into the workplace - and I became known for being both ambitious, driven and super productive (who can relate?). My hard work paid off, after finishing my Master’s part-time whilst working and climbed the corporate ladder like a pro. 


However, the trouble with pushing yourself is - no one tells you when to stop. It led to me measuring myself purely on my external achievements leading to a cycle of work-hard, play-hard that was like a frazzled merry go round that I found impossible to get off.


So much so, that four years ago I experienced severe burnout and moderate depression as a result of stress. The words “stress” and “burnout” were completely alien to me - and I remember thinking that these words only applied to much more important senior people or those that have lived through something tragic like a war. These words couldn’t possibly apply to little old me!!! 


For me personally, burnout was much more of a snowball effect.

In quick succession I failed my second driving test, got ghosted by a guy I was dating at the time and got promoted in the job that I loved (after months of putting myself under pressure and taking on extra projects by the way!) After achieving the promotion I'd worked so hard for, it hit me that I felt completely lost, empty and numb

All the plates I’d been spinning so successfully for so long came crashing down around me. I realised it had been a really long time since I felt properly like 'myself'. I’d completely lost a sense of myself and my purpose (not to be confused with a job title or other role!). 


Fast forward to today, after asking for and accepting that I needed help, I’m pleased to say I am happy, healthy and back in the driving seat of my life.

It is now my absolute mission to help other overwhelmed, burned out, stressed or direction-less women fast-forward their journey from 'wired and tired' to calm, clear and in control.

If any of this story resonates, please please please don't suffer in silence.

I'm extending my hand to you - and offering you help TODAY.


Get in touch via the link below:

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