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Hear from former and current clients about their experience working with me


Gabrielle immediately made me feel safe and comfortable. Her knowledge and questioning style really helped me to explore the goals I want to achieve.

In the time we have been working together, Gabrielle has introduced a number of tools, and I can honestly say that I have had deep realisations at the end of each session, which has helped me make serious progress on my goals and mindset.

Our sessions are insightful and thought-provoking and I'm excited to continue to work with Gabrielle to see how much more I can uncover. Thank you for everything! 

Minal - 36, Head of Department


Having worked with Gabrielle, I found her to be immensely professional, whilst also showing her empathy and a caring nature. Her approach instantly put me at ease and I felt comfortable opening up to her about my ongoing concerns. 

The sessions were engaging and well managed by Gabrielle, who was excellent at listening and feeding back during the sessions to emphasise her understanding of my needs and requirements. 

Having gone through many changes and uncertainty, Gabrielle helped me to put things into perspective, focus on proactive action points and make a series of important decisions, which ultimately empowered me to regain control and to move forward in a positive way. 

I would highly recommend working with Gabrielle to experience her coaching style - her passion for helping others shines through.

Mandy - 39, Mumpreneur Hypnotherapist


I sought out the guidance of Gabrielle to get help with my confidence and career development. I began the process with some scepticism wondering if life coaching would really work and whether the process would be worth it. Just after the first session, I was a believer! Gabrielle is transparent, trustworthy, knowledgeable and is natural at guiding people to their desired goal successfully. I felt that Gabrielle really understood my issues the change I needed to go through with activities and exercises – which were all done virtually, so huge credit to Gabrielle to still be able to connect with me so well.

Gabrielle has an ability to relate really easily to situations and always offer the right guidance or support, it's a natural talent! To always highlight the situation and be able to put this in perspective and put her clients at ease, but also push them out of their comfort zone in a supported way is a credit to what a great life coach she is. I ended our sessions with increased confidence and a clear direction for my future that I was excited about. 

I can't recommend Gabrielle highly enough for anyone wanting guidance towards their ultimate goals and wanting the best support along the way!

Meera - 31, HR Manager

I was a little sceptical at first as to whether life coaching was for me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve or ‘where to go’, but very quickly and organically we established a starting point.

Gabrielle introduced me to visualisations and I was amazed at how well they worked and where they led our sessions. We unravelled thoughts and feelings I hadn’t previously been able to unpick myself, and with Gabrielle's guidance, I was able to make connections I hadn’t been aware of.

We spoke at length about issues within my marriage and I can genuinely say that Gabrielle has made my marriage stronger. She helped me look at things objectively from my husband’s point of view and to recognise and acknowledge the feelings at play. Gabrielle understood that metaphors worked really well for me and we used these regularly throughout our sessions. Gabrielle is a wonderful listener remembering the fine details from previous sessions, things I may not have even picked up on myself, and how they all intertwine.

I felt empowered at breakthrough moments and confident in myself to embrace them. Gabrielle put me at ease at every session and I trusted her 100%. It was so freeing to have a judgment-free space to talk openly and honestly, something I didn’t realise doesn’t happen in everyday life.

I am a converted believer in the power of life coaching and cannot recommend Gabrielle enough. I have taken away so much and will continue to use the invaluable things I learned from our sessions every day.

Rebecca - 33, Stay at Home Mum

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